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Brynux Operating System

Brynux is an alternative to Microsoft Windows and the software you have to buy for Windows like MS Office that I launched on January 1st, 2014. It has a full suite of free professional media and business software to create amazing graphics and video as well as cloud based business software to help you succeed on the Internet.

* The Brynux stick is no longer in production but you can download it for free.

Download | About Brynux OS | Tutorials | FAQs | Windows XP vs Brynux OS | Comparison with other 16GB USB


You can boot your PC from the brynux stick without causing any damage to your present files or your Windows system.Boot from stick
Install on PCYou can install brynux to your hard drive for free and replace Windows.
You can download lots of free software and games such as Libre Office and OpenArena.Download free software
Multi DeviceYou can use brynux like a normal USB memory stick to store your documents, photos or movies.
Unlike other USB sticks it can plug into smartphones and tablets that have micro usb connectors.Mobile Devices
MoneyThe brynux stick starts from only $29.95 NZD with free shipping to anywhere in the World.
It's very secure and virus resistant.Secure
CommunityBrynux isn't just an OS or memory stick; it's a community of users and software developers making computing better and more accessible to everyone.