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  • EPEVER Tracer-AN Series 18650 Lithium Configuration

    EPEVER Tracer-AN Series

    In this blog I'll quickly show you how to configure an EPEVER Tracer-AN Series Charge Controller for Lithium Batteries. I spent many hours trying to work it out and even contacted EPEVER but they never replied. Then I had a revelation: "Why don't I look at the EPEVER Xtra series charge controller manual and see if they have the settings?" They did, so I created this blog and a spreadsheet to show others how to configure their controllers:

      1. Start your EPEVER Administration software and navigate to Parameters (P) > Control Parameter > Control Parameter then click the Read button to load the setting from your controller.

        EPEVER Tracer Lithium Settings


      2. Use the settings below based on the size of your battery array (ie, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V):
        NOTE: The settings are always being updated in the spreadsheet from suggestions of other EPEVER users so it's best to use the settings from the spreadsheet



      3. If you'd like to use your own values for Charging Volt Voltage (V) or Discharging Limit Volt (V) download the spreadsheet as an XLS and and open with Microsoft Excel or Libre Office Calc then use your own values for Charging Volt Voltage (V) or Discharging Limit Volt (V). 


    If you'd like a copy of my Google Sheets doc so you can edit and run it online, send me your Gmail address and I'll briefly share it with you so you can copy it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    brynn :-)

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