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  • How to install a Fishman Presys Blend Onboard Preamp

    In this blog I show how I installed a Fishman Presys Blend Onboard Preamp in my Takamine GS330S Dreadnought acoustic guitar. Buy a Fishman Presys Blend Onboard Preamp. I got mine on Ebay for $22.00 NZD. Download preamp template for cutting the hole: click here. Remove strings and bridge from the guitar. Preamp Preparation Cut out the template and sellotape to guitar Cut out hole using a utility/stanley knife and ...

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    Put image inside laptop monitor

    Only just launched the new Brynux website today but have already had a couple of messages querying how I put my images inside the laptop and CD using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). Here's the examples: It's not that hard. Watch the video below to learn how. Here's some other resources you may like: Download GIMP for Windows, OSX or Linux ...

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    I made this video with my smart phone

    In this video blog (video is at the end of this page) I'll show you how to create great looking video with your smart phone, upload it to YouTube and then edit it using the YouTube Video Editor. No longer do you have to pay thousands for a video production company to do it because now the technology in your phone ...

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    Amazing photo plugins

    Resynthesizer and Elsamuko are GIMP plugins that can do amazing transformations to your photos. Best of all, like GIMP, they're free. Elsamuko is a collection of scripts that can change the colour of your photos so they look more like 16mm film or you can quickly make your photo look like a scene from the movie 300. Resynthesizer is the smartest image manipulation ...

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