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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsQ1: Why would I use brynux?
A1: There are multiple reasons:

  1. Replace Windows XP so you have a faster, more up-to-date and secure operating system.
  2. Learn how to use advanced media and business software to improve your computer skills.
  3. Gain access to thousands of free software apps.
  4. Be able to to have your operating system with you at all times that you can boot up off nearly anyone's computer using your brynux stick.
  5. Become part of the Open Source community of millions of people and companies that share software and knowledge for free.

Q2: Why would I want to replace Windows?
A2: Offical support for Windows XP ends in April 2014 which means you'll have to upgrade which could cost thousands of dollars. Windows is also very insecure, gets slower as it gets older, requires multiple licences and expensive additional software. Brynux solves all fo these issues for as little as $29.95.  

Q3: Why is the cost so low?
A3: All of the software is free. We're only selling you the memory stick, a preconfigured system that is easy to use and the ability to become part of the brynux community. The value for us is not the software or the sticks but the digital ecosystem we build in conjunction with the brynux stick.

Q4: Where can I get support?
A4: Presently you can post questions to our Facebook page or email us. We're presently working on a system that will allow community members to provide support and additional training to brynux users. Also, since brynux is a Fedora Remix you can follow Fedora tutorials for installing additional drivers or making configuration changes.

Q5: How long does shipping take?
A5: Sticks are couriered the next working day so in New Zealand you can expect it within 3 working days and globally within 10 working days. 

Q6: If it can run off the stick why would I install it to my computer?
A6: The stick only has 4GB of data for new programs and changes and is also limited to the transfer rate of USB. If you want brynux to be 10 times faster and be able to install much more software and games then you'd install it to your computer's hard disk. 

Q7: Can I get larger versions of brynux?
A7: You'll be able to soon. The next models being manufactured are 64GB and 256GB versions. 

Q8: Why is it called brynux?
A8: A friend of mine came up with the name which is a combination of my name (Brynn) and the Linux operating system which is what brynux is built on.

Q9: What's the difference between a brynux 16GB usb stick and every other usb stick?
A9: Click here to see a quick comparison.

Q10: Can I download brynux and make my own brynux stick for free?
A10: Yes. The software used on brynux is open source and therefore freely available. Expereinced Linux users can follow the instructions here to create a brynux stick.