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  • Google App Engine SSL

    Normally my blogs are more to do with business and marketing because that's who my clients are but I thought I should write this blog for Systems Administrators that might be having problems installing an SSL certificate from Namecheap on their Google App Engine powered website. Other names assocaited with Namecheap are PossitiveSSL, Comodo, CheapSSLs and ssls.com. Create your cert First you'll need to generate ...

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    Will Google shame you?

    In January, 2017 Google made a change to the Chrome web browser (version 56) that I think is one of the biggest changes to the Internet since it began. If your website isn't HTTPS compliant an ugly and disturbing "Not secure" message will show beside your domain name. Here's what will show if your Google Chrome web browser is version 56 or ...

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