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  • 10 Days of brynux

    10 Days of brynuxI launched brynux on January 1st, 2014. Really happy with the response on social media. In 10 days the Facbook page has accrued 586 followers - awesome. Sold the first unit to John in Perth but have also sold a lot locally with great feedback which has really helped me improve the product such as:

    1. Nick from www.triotech.co.nz said he needed more than just Google Docs; he needed a full, locally installed, replacement for Word, Powerpoint and Excel.  He was totally right and lots of business users would want the same so now brynux comes fully installed with the Libre Office suite of applications. I'll make video tutorials on how to use them next week.
    2. Dils and Phil have been a great testers and because of them, to improve compatibility, I've added a lot of additional hardware support such as Intel and Broadcom wireless drivers.  My policy is if brynux doesn't work on your PC I'll give you a 100% money back guarantee or fix it for you. 
    3. I envisioned that people with older computers would be buying brynux. That's not the case so now the default version of brynux is 64-bit which is faster.
    4. For the technically minded that would like to try and create their own brynux stick you can now download it for free from here: https://www.brynux.com/download-brynux
    5. This weekend I'll release the latest version of brynux that will also run on Macintosh computers.

    Thanks for your support.

    brynn :-)

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