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  • How to install a Fishman Presys Blend Onboard Preamp

    In this blog I show how I installed a Fishman Presys Blend Onboard Preamp in my Takamine GS330S Dreadnought acoustic guitar.

    1. Buy a Fishman Presys Blend Onboard Preamp. I got mine on Ebay for $22.00 NZD.
    2. Download preamp template for cutting the hole: click here.
    3. Remove strings and bridge from the guitar.

    Preamp Preparation

    1. Cut out the template and sellotape to guitar
    2. Cut out hole using a utility/stanley knife and drill holes using a 2mm drill bit
    3. Clean up rough edges then screw in

    Endpin Jack Preparation

    1. Drill out jack output hole using a 12mm drill bit
    2. Install jack output socket - much easier to do if you have a jack plug taped on the end of a wire.

    Pickup Preparation

    1. Drill a 2.5mm hole in the left oside of the Saddle Slot. Refer to this detailed guide.
    2. File off 2mm from the bottom of the bridge
    3. Insert pickup out through the hole and then place bridge on top 
    4. Add strings to guitar, tune and test.

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