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About Brynn

Brynn NeilsonI've been in business for over 30 years and have been developing Internet and business strategy for more than 20 years Internationally.

My main work is done at Spinning Planet Limited but I also volunteer for a number of non-profit organisations.



Tertiary level courses


  • 12 Month Persuasive Sales & Marketing Program (The Marketing Company)
  • Essential Marketing Boot Camp (The Marketing Company)
  • Business Process, Tools & Technology (NZTE)
  • Marketing - Time To Make More Money (NZTE)
  • Blog Marketing (NZTE)
  • Staff Performance & Efficiency (NZTE)
  • Lean Manufacturing (NZTE)
  • Strategic Pricing (NZTE)
  • Key Success Factors for a Powerful Vision (NZTE)
  • Understanding Business Driver's (KPI's) (NZTE)
  • Successful Negotiation and Deal Settlement (NZTE)
  • Team Building (NZTE)
  • Growing Your Business in Tough Times (NZTE)
  • The Marketing War Room (NZTE)
  • Strategic Planning (NZTE)
  • Business Efficiency through lean methods (NZTE)
  • Proactive Performance Management (NZTE)
  • Crunching the Numbers Made Easy (NZTE)
  • Business Action Plan Course (NZTE)
  • Understanding Financial Statements (NZTE)
  • Cashflows & Budgets (NZTE)
  • Tactics for Taxation (NZTE)
  • Contract Law 2 (NZTE)
  • Effective Leadership and Smart Delegation (NZTE)
  • High Impact Business Workshop 1 (NZTE)
  • Internet Business Fast Forward Programme (NZTE)
  • The Essential Guide to Raising Capital (NZTE)
  • 12 month Liber8me business mentoring programme


  • Introduction to Photography and Design
  • Introduction to Media & Communications and Sociology (Massey)
  • Working with New Media: Histories, Technologies, Practices (Massey)
  • Science Fiction Cinema and the Technological Mythos (Massey)
  • Advanced Media Sociology (Massey)
  • Advanced Media Studies (Massey)
  • Advanced Film Studies(Massey)
  • Special Topic: Propaganda (Massey)
  • German Film (Massey)
  • Gender and the Media (Massey)
  • Television Studies (Massey)
  • Special Topic: Media History (Massey)
  • Cultural Studies & The Media (Massey)
  • Media Practice 1 (Massey)
  • Media Practice 2 (Massey)
  • Communications & Culture (Massey)
  • Film Studies (Massey)
  • Media Literacy & Popular Culture (Massey)
  • Television Studies (Massey)
  • Media Culture Society (Massey)
  • Reading the Media (Massey)


  • Introduction to English Studies (Massey)
  • Writing: Theory & Practice (Massey)
  • Speaking: Theory & Practice (Massey)
  • Romantic Literature (Massey)
  • Applied English (Massey)
  • Language & Communication (Massey)
  • Great Western Philosophy (Massey)
  • Art of Critical Decision Making (Massey)
  • Augustine: Philosopher and Saint (Teach12.com)
  • High Middle Ages (Teach12.com)


  • Adult Teaching - Modules 1, 2 and 3 (UCOL)
  • Educational Media (Massey)


  • Individual & Social Psych (Massey)
  • Social Psychology (Massey)

Computer Science

  • Computer Science Fundamentals (Massey)
  • Algorithms & Data Structures (Massey)
  • Nutrition Made Clear (Teach12.com)
  • Music Theory and Practice (Nga Maoritanga)

Professional History

2021 - 2024
Company: Spinning Planet (SP)
Role: My company allows me to choose the projects I want to work on so a lot more of my work this year has been working on non-profit projects.

Main achievements:

  • Setup a free wireless network in Sanson Village, Manawatu New Zealand so families can access the Internet for free called Sanson Free Wifi
    Media Coverage
  • Designed the new Free Wifi system for Turangi that gets over 100 people connecting each day.
  • Got elected as the Treasurer of the Sanson Club/Ohakea RSA So far this year I have:
    • Moved the Club to using the Xero Online Accounting system so all of our Accounts are transparent and automated.
    • Signed us up for MyIR so we can quickly submit GST returns to IRD.
    • Setup a gmail account for the Club so all communications come into one email address.
    • Setup Google Docs and are working with other Exec to move all of our documents into Google Docs.
    • Started a Standard Operating Procedures document for the Club that we can update to follow Continuous Improvement Processes.
    • Contacted our suppliers and asked them to stop sending letters but now email our primary email address.
    • Applied for new EftPos system that sends receipts by email instead of us having to print them.
    • There's a lot more, but I can't take credit for it. We have a really good team this year and we get stuff done. I'm proud to be a member of such a great team. We're doing better financially each and every month which is a great reflection of a really good Executive that work together.

2019 - 2021
Company: Spinning Planet (SP)
Role: I've been working on projects to improve services to Spinning Planet clients.

Main achievements:

  • Working with e107 specialist developer Jana, in Slovakia to upgrade all of Spinning Planet's websites to modern code to work with the new standards
  • Centos, the most used operating system on the internet until now, has been discontinued so this year I am migrating everything to my Brynux operating system
  • With the above changes we're also implementing lots of new web standards that make websites smarter and more responsive

2018 - 2019
Company: Spinning Planet (SP) and Buildaway Construction Limited (BCL)
Role: Developing new residual income services for SP and marketing and lean business practices for BCL

Main achievements:

  • Took over as General Manager for Buildaway Construction Limited and are working on Lean Business and Continuous Improvement processes to improve the business and expand our services throughout New Zealand.
  • Have developed some new website packages targeted to customers wanting an e-commerce website and Internet marketing in a simple monthly cost with no upfront costs. Still in assessment but have attained new clients in New Zealand and the United States.

2017 - 2018
Company: Spinning Planet (SP) and Buildaway Construction Limited (BCL)
Role: Developing new residual income services for SP and marketing and lean business for BCL

Main achievements:

  • Created multiple Crypto mining machines to get paid Bitcoin for processing crypto transactions
  • Created multiple Internet Marketing plans for companies that had been ripped off by Yellow, UBD and multiple other "Internet Marketing" companies. Learn more here.
  • Director of Buildaway Construction Limited working on Marketing and Lean Business Processes
  • Closed down development of my internet marketing software called splink.me because it wasn't compatible with the new EU GDPR privacy laws. Though I'd spent more than a hundred thousand dollars in development on Splink I think the GDPR laws are good and New Zealand should copy them.

2016 - 2017
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand (SPNZ) and Splink
Role: Developing SPNZ and Splink.me

Main achievements:

  • Last year I invested over $100K in developing my new Internet Marketing software called www.splink.me. Check out our first progress repor t here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mItcatcNcFw
  • Spinning Planet is still creating lots of websites and Internet marketing that are making our clients sales but most of my time is spent ensuring Splink gets launched this year.

2015 - 2016
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand (SPNZ) and Intergalactic Investments Limited
Role: Developing SPNZ and Intergalactic Investments

Main achievements:

  • Secretary of the Sanson Community Committee and Secretary/Treasurer of the Sanson Club
  • Began development on our new Internet Marketing system splink.me

2013 - 2014
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand (SPNZ) and Intergalactic Investments Limited
Role: Developing SPNZ and Intergalactic Investments

Main achievements:

  • Completed and launched my own operating system that gives everyone access to free secure and industry leading software for design and business: www.brynux.com
  • Regularly taught and improved my Internet Marketing Workshop which is based on Spinning Planet's research of the last decade. I'm presently in discussion with several leading Universities in NZ to create NZ's first Internet marketing degree.
  • Broke our 2013 sales record for the year by creating this marketing plan.
  • Founding member of DIGITS helping low income families access and learn the Internet but also provide a system that others can use to help low income families in their region.
  • Created the digital strategy for Palmerston North Labour Party to ensure success in the 2014 election and engage online users - more info coming soon illustrating how our proprietary software, techniques and processes will usurp other online campaigns and how we are integrating those elements into our new Internet Marketing software to be released in 2015.
  • Started building my International team of developers, project managers and designers in India and the US through www.hubstaff.com.

2012 - 2013
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand (SPNZ) and Intergalactic Investments Limited
Role: Developing SPNZ and Intergalactic Investments

Main achievements:

  • Formed Intergalactic Investments Limited to be the parent company of Spinning Planet technology developments and partnerships with other technology development companies.
  • Designed and have begun production of two Software as a Service based products to be offered by the end of 2012.
  • Presently working with technology development companies to showcase New Zealand technologies available for investment.
  • Got Spinning Planet approved to teach NZTE courses in Internet strategy, SEO and Adwords.

2011 - 2012
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand (SPNZ), Manawatu Chamber of Commerce (MCC)
Role: Developing SPNZ and MCC

Main achievements:

  • On belalf of the Manawatu Chamber of Commerce spearheaded the launch of New Zealand's largest free wireless network. Find out more here
  • Negotiated 3 year contract to support Texas based Internet marketing company with offices in Australia and the United States.
  • Negotiated 3 year contract to create software and servers to collect data from gaming machines nationally and provide online cash management system.
  • Doubled Spinning Planet annual turnover
  • Designed and built Spinning Planet's new Cloud IaaS web servers.

2010 - 2011
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand (SPNZ), Manawatu Chamber of Commerce (MCC), Sustainable Manawatu (SM), Palmerston North Linux Users Group (PLUG), E107 Project.
Role: Developing SPNZ, MCC, SM management

Main achievements:

  • Joined the Sustainable Manawatu Task Force in early 2010 and helped the team develop a Constitution, attain sponsorship, open an information centre and market Sustainable Manawatu to the community.
  • Hired two new staff to increase Spinning Planet's productivity and opportunities. In a recession we managed to increase our new customers per annum by 24%.
  • Have begun building our new "cloud" based web server platform which has already significantly improved server reliability/speed and our ability to integrate with new cloud based services such as Google, and Amazon EC2..
  • In conjunction with the Spinning Planet team and a marketing Intern from Massey University we created a 50 page marketing manual and have started targeting Auckland and Wellington customers which has significantly increased new customers.
  • The Spinning Planet team has improved our customer support and services whilst also developing new services which have been added to our new website.
  • I worked with Manawatu Chamber of Commerce to achieve a number of new policies and strategies to move MCC forward over the next 5 years.
  • Joined the International management team of the e107 Project and are helping develop a Constitution, 5 year business plan and policies and procedures to ensure that e107 remains one of the top 5 Open Source content management systems available in the World.

2009 - 2010
Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand, Manawatu Chamber of Commerce
Role: Developing Spinning Planet management and sales

Main achievements:

  • Doubled Spinning Planet productivity through the use of Lean manufacturing business principles.
  • Created sustainability goals for Spinning Planet to be the first emissions free web host in New Zealand. We've reduced overall power consumption by 80%.
  • Significantly improved servers and our services to customers to be more reliable and cost effective.
  • Started as the Technology and Media office for Manawatu Chamber of Commerce (MCC) and then got elected as Chairman.
  • Working with fellow MCC Strategic sub-committees such as Lobbying, Special Projects and Membership to improve MCC services to members and influence positive change in the Manawatu.
  • Have worked with Manawatu Chamber of Commerce suppliers and staff to improve our services to members and internal processes.
  • Completed 12 month persuasive Sales and Marketing course with the Marketing company
  • Completed New Media paper at Massey University

2004 - 2008

Company: Spinning Planet New Zealand
Role: Developing Spinning Planet

Main achievements:

  • Tripled income in 18 months
  • Tripled our clients in 18 months
  • Built our own data centre with multiple fiber data connections, enterprise class redundancy and security.
  • Moved all core internet services from the US to our own data centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
  • Automated most of our Internet services such as website setup, backups, security, etc.

2002 - 2004
Spinning Planet New Zealand contracted to UCOL
Role: Contracted to design and teach Third Year Design and Multimedia courses

Main achievements:
Designed and taught many courses including, but not limited to, media studies theory, interactive design, 3D animation, web design, professional practice, research, video & sound design.

Spinning Planet LLC (United Kingdom and United States)
Role: International Web Design and Development

Main achievements:

  • Travelled the globe as a freelance designer trading as Spinning Planet
  • Installed an Internet Café in London
  • Started Spinning Planet LLC in Kingman, Arizona and built up core a core clientele of US clients.

Role: Web Design and Development

Main achievements:

  • Jointly built Ezibuy Clothing Limited's first E-Commerce Website - Australasia's Largest mail-order distributor
  • Jointly built the Millennium Technology website - Subsidiary of Magtek Corporation who invented the magnetic swipe card
  • Jointly designed the hollywoodmusic.com website and video streaming system

Company: Massey University
Role: Independent Contractor

Main achievements:

  • Achieved Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications
  • Achieved Distinction through the Royal Schools of Music
  • Tutored in Television Studies whilst doing Masters
  • Multimedia tutor for Institute of Natural Resources teaching 3D and HTML
  • Produced a number of multimedia CDROMs for Massey departments.
  • Designed and built Massey's first digital video editing suites
  • Contracted as cameraman for TV3 and TVNZ to supply news footage
  • Created my first company (The Media House) to do graphic design, and software development.
  • Communications Lab Technician for Massey University Human Resource Dept.
  • Vice President of the Massey University Students Association
  • President of the Massey University video production club
  • Audio Engineer at Equaliser Recording Studios in Whanganui